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Male And Female condoms


We are proud to introduce a new variant in the condoms industry.

“The all-new Aloe Vera Gel Lubricated Condoms for the first time in India manufactured by Pharmika India Pvt. Ltd. pioneer in this category of condoms.

This invention will change the way of people acceptance of condoms in a new fashion as these condoms will provide the natural herbal therapeutic, cosmetic, and moisturizing values of Aloe Vera and the safety and efficacy of Natural Rubber latex Condom.
‘These condoms deliver intimate lubrication, protection, and contraception. They intensify sexual pleasure and provide all the benefits of Aloe Vera’.

The technology developed under the R & D facility of Pharmika India Pvt. Ltd. is now available for commercial purposes.

ALOE VERA flavor


Banana Flavoured

Black Grapes Flavoured

Chocolate Flavoured

Coffee Flavoured

Green Apple Flavoured

mint Flavoured

mixed-fruit Flavoured

Pineapple Flavored condoms

Rose Flavored condoms

Strawberry Flavored condoms

Mogra Flavoured condoms

Orange Flavored condoms


The Natural rubber latex male condom is used for contraception and for prophylactic purposes.

(To help prevent pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases)

Condoms are classified as:

 Plain condoms
These Plain and Natural Color condoms are very thin but very strong which provides ultra sensitivity.

 Dotted condoms
These dotted condoms are designed with raised dots on the outside surface to increase excitement and sensation. Dotted condoms create extra friction and greater stimulation and enjoyment for the receiving partner at the time of intercourse.

 Multi-Textured condoms
These multi-textured condoms have dots, ribs, and contours in a single condom which gives the user a firm fitting and provides maximum sensation. The beauty of these new types of condom is that they really don’t cost that much more than the traditional models, which is why people may be so willing to give them a try. Besides cost, there are a number of reasons why these condoms continue to sell. For some of the others, it could be a sense of adventure or trying something new that drives them to make the purchase.

 Extra Time Condoms
These types of condoms give long-lasting pleasure by delaying the process of ejaculation because a special fluid (benzocaine) is injected inside. These condoms help to boost their stamina and improve their confidence.

Variety and excitement are found at the end of every rainbow
Palettes of colors are available as per the requirement.
Black, red, yellow, blue, green, or any other color you like Lubricated for a natural feeling.

 Flavored condoms
The land of many flavored condoms where taste buds run wild and the palette is infused. These condoms are tempting an assortment of flavors and colors for extra fun and excitement. All are lubricated for a comfortable, natural feeling. Reservoir tips are added for comfort and safety.

Different flavors are available as per the requirement which areas –

CoffeePanMix Fruit
Green AppleRoseBlack Grapes


The condom is made of natural rubber latex sheath, which completely covers the penis with a closely fitted membrane. This condom is an almost cylindrical shape in length and includes a reservoir. The surface of the condom is smooth or textured (dotted or ribbed), translucent and may or may not be lubricated with silicone oil. This device is classified as Class IIb as per Rule 14 of annexure-IX of MDD 2007/47/EC (As explained in section 5.0)


  1. All the variants of the device are manufactured using the same raw materials including dressing materials and lubricant, however, excluding colors and flavors which are selectively used as per customers’ specifications.
  2. The basic Production Processes and primary equipment used for the manufacture of each variant of the device are exactly the same.
  3. All the variants of the device are tested using the same test equipment and test methods depending on the applicable International Standard.
  4. To monitor the product characteristics various tests are conducted on the finished product. “Finished Product Test Methods” have been established containing detailed procedures of testing. The test methods established are in compliance with or exceed the requirements of various international standards applicable.
  5. Before packing the lubricated with flavor is been injected into the product to ensure smoothness & durability.
plan condoms



  1. The device is well established and there are several published International and National Standards such as EN / ISO 4074:2015, ASTM D 3492, Standards and WHO 2010 Specifications and Schedule –R of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. Pharmika India Pvt. Ltd will manufacture the device according to these standards as per the customer’s requirement.
  2. Most of the International Standards or Specifications provide details about the properties of the device such as Dimensions, Burst Properties, Tensile Properties, Freedom from Holes and Lubricant Quantity, Labeling, and Packaging Specifications or guidelines. In addition to the specifications, these standards also provide inspection levels for sampling and AQL for each property individually. The sampling plans adopted by most of the standards are based on ISO 2859-1.
  3. Since the International Standards are mostly guidance documents, exact specifications, in particular, dimensions, labeling, and packaging requirements depend largely on the customer or buyer’s requirements.
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ladies condom
crystal condoms

Dotted condom

Plain condom

Ultra-thin condom

Flavored condom

Large condom