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AntiMalarial Drugs

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Nowadays, malaria has become a common phenomenon. Although it is treatable, it takes millions of lives every year. treatable, yet it claims more than half a million lives each year. Also, the growing warmth of the global climate is likely to increase the cases of malaria in the near future.

Being one of the reputed anti-malarial drug suppliers, Pharmika India has dedicated its resources and expertise in R&D to manufacture top-quality anti-malarial drugs. Our generic anti-
malarial medicines include Primaquine, Artemotil, chloroquine, and many more.

All of them are manufactured under close monitoring at our world-class manufacturing facility which is certified by WHO-GMP and US FDA. So, if you are choosing us as antimalarial drug suppliers, then you can be assured to get the best product quality.

Anti-Malarial Drug Exporters

Pharmika India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading anti-malarial drug wholesalers in India and is also known for its exports across the globe. We export our anti-malarial medicines to the USA, Africa, UK, Gulf Countries, Australia, and South East Asia.

We understand the importance of anti-malarial drugs, especially in the parts of the world that are not much developed and are prone to such infectious diseases. Therefore, we make the best possible efforts to make these drugs affordable for all so that no one is deprived of health.

If you are interested in finding genuine pharmaceutical manufacturers, suppliers, or exporters of antimalarial drugs, then you can feel free to contact us.


Primaquine Tablets2.5mgTabletsAntiMalarialView
ARTEMOTIL TabletsTabletsAntiMalarialView
MEFLOQUINE AND ARTESUNATE TABLETS220mg + 100mgTabletsAntiMalarialView
Pyrimethamine, Artesunate And Sulfadoxine TabletsTabletsAntiMalarialView
Chloroquin Phosphate Tablets500mgTabletsAntiMalarialView
Artesunate And Amodiaquine 100mg + 270mg Tablets100mg + 270mgTabletsAntiMalarialView
Artesunate And Amodiaquine 50mg + 135mg Tablets50mg + 135mgTabletsAntiMalarialView
Artesunate And Amodiaquine 25mg + 67.5mg Tablets25mg + 67.5mgTabletsAntiMalarialView
Artesunate Injection60mg, 120mgInjectionAntiMalarialView
Artemether And Lumefantrine 20mg & 120mg Tablets20mg + 120mgTabletsAntiMalarialView
Artemether Injection80 mgInjectionAntiMalarialView
Artemether And Lumefantrine 40mg & 240mg Tablets40mg + 240mgTabletsAntiMalarialView
Artemether And Lumefantrine 80mg & 480mg Tablets80mg + 480mgTabletsAntiMalarialView
α-β Arteether Injection75mg, 150mg, 300mgInjectionAntiMalarialView
Amodiaquine Hydrochloride Tablets200mgTabletsAntiMalarialView

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