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Title: Harness Nature’s Power with Pharmika’s Premium Herbal Extracts

Introduction: Pharmika India Pvt Ltd welcomes you to explore the world of holistic wellness with our premium range of Herbal Extracts. Derived from nature’s bounty and crafted with precision, our herbal extracts encapsulate the essence of traditional wisdom and modern science, offering a natural approach to health and vitality.

Why Choose Pharmika’s Herbal Extracts?

  • Premium Botanicals: Pharmika sources premium botanicals from around the globe, ensuring the highest quality and potency in every herbal extract.
  • Scientific Formulation: Our herbal extracts are meticulously formulated based on the latest scientific research, combining traditional knowledge with modern advancements for optimal efficacy.
  • Diverse Health Benefits: From immune support to cognitive health, Pharmika’s Herbal Extracts cover a wide spectrum of health and wellness needs, providing a natural solution for every lifestyle.

Key Features of Pharmika’s Herbal Extracts:

  • Potent Active Compounds: Our extracts are rich in potent active compounds, carefully extracted to preserve their natural benefits and therapeutic properties.
  • Versatility: Pharmika’s Herbal Extracts are versatile and can be easily incorporated into various formulations, including supplements, beverages, and skincare products.
  • Ethical Sourcing: We prioritize ethical and sustainable sourcing practices, ensuring that our herbal extracts contribute to both individual well-being and environmental health.

Benefits of Pharmika’s Herbal Extracts:

  • Immune System Support: Explore extracts known for their immune-boosting properties, providing a natural defense against environmental stressors.
  • Adaptogenic Solutions: Pharmika offers adaptogenic herbal extracts that help the body adapt to stress, promoting resilience and balance.
  • Cognitive Health: Discover extracts that support cognitive function and mental clarity, contributing to overall brain health and well-being.

Usage Guidelines: Pharmika provides comprehensive guidelines on incorporating herbal extracts into your daily routine. Empower yourself with the knowledge to optimize the benefits of these natural remedies.

Sustainability Commitment: Pharmika India Pvt Ltd is committed to sustainability. Our herbal extracts are developed with eco-friendly practices, contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

Customer Testimonials: Read testimonials from individuals who have experienced the transformative impact of Pharmika’s Herbal Extracts on their wellness journey. Join a community of satisfied users who trust Pharmika for their natural health solutions.

Conclusion: Pharmika India Pvt Ltd stands as a beacon of excellence in promoting holistic well-being through our range of premium Herbal Extracts. Choose Pharmika to harness the power of nature for a healthier, more vibrant life.

Product Range


Calcium Sennoside

Sennoside is extracted from Cassia Angustifolia. Calcium sennoside has excellent natural laxative properties. It is a very flexible and effective ingredient for safe formulations.

• Botanical Name: Cassia Aungustifolia
• Common Name: Senna
• Appearance: Brownish powder
• Specification: Senna A+B 20%, 15%, 13%   by HLPC & UV


Boswellia Extract

Extracted from the Boswellia serrata tree, Boswellia extract has been used for centuries in Asian and African folk medicine. It’s believed to treat chronic inflammatory illnesses as well as several other health conditions.

• Botanical Name: Boswellia serrate
• Common Name: Boswellia
• Appearance: White to Cream powder
• Specification: 40% by HLPC, 60%
  70% by Titration



Curcumin is a bright yellow chemical produced by plants of the Curcuma longa species. It is the principal curcuminoid of turmeric (Curcuma longa), a member of the ginger family. It is sold as a herbal supplement, cosmetics ingredient, food flavoring, and food coloring.

• Botanical Name: Curcuma Longa
• Common Name: Curcumin, Haldi,   Turmeric, Curcuma
• Appearance: Yellowish orange powder
• Specification: Curcuminodes 95%, 50%   and 15% by HLPC


Bitter Melon Extract

Bitter Melon is a vine originally from India and other Asian countries. Bitter Melon Extract is used to treat diabetes. It contains a chemical that acts like insulin effective in reducing blood sugar levels.

• Botanical Name: Momordica Charantia
• Common Name: Bitter Melon
• Appearance: light to dark yellowish green   powder
• Specification: Bitters NLT 5%, 10% by   Gravimetric
  Charantin 0.6 by HPLC

giloy 1

Giloy Extract

Giloy Extract helps in improving digestion and boost immunity. It removes toxins from the body, purifies the blood, and fights bacteria resulting in benefitting people with liver diseases.

• Botanical Name: Tinospora Cordifolia
• Common Name: Guduchi or Giloy
• Appearance: Brown Powder
• Specification: Bitters NLT 2.5%, 5% by   Gravimetric


Ashwagandha Extract

Commonly used for stress and anxiety, Ashwagandha Extract improves inflammation, mood, and memory, as well as boosts muscle strength and fertility.

• Botanical Name: Withania Somnifera
• Common Name: Ashwagandha or winter   cherry
• Appearance: Brown Powder
• Specification: Total Withanolides NLT   2.5%, 5%, 10% by Gravimetric
  Total Withanolides NLT 2.5% by HPLC


Licorice Extract

Licorice extract is effective in treating a variety of conditions including liver, lung, circulatory, and kidney diseases. It has long been used in herbalism and traditional medicines.

• Botanical Name: Glycyrrhiza Glabra
• Common Name: Licorice
• Appearance: Yellowish to Brown Powder
• Specification: Glycyrrhizin NLT 20% by   gravimetric and HPLC


DGL Extract

DGL is a form of licorice that have been processed for safer consumption. It has the tendency to protect the stomach and esophagus from acid. It eases a sore throat, treats ulcers, and helps clear respiratory infections.

• Botanical Name: Glycyrrhiza
• Common Name: Licorice
• Appearance: Dark brown Powder
• Specification: Glycyrrhizin NM 3% by   HPLC

safed mulsi

Safed Mulsi Extract

Safed Mulsi Extract is effective in restoring immunity and helps in reducing symptoms of arthritis and diabetes. It is known as a rejuvenator, a vitalizer and a health tonic.

• Botanical Name: Chlorophytum Borivilianum
• Common Name: Safed Mulsi or Mulsi
• Appearance: Creamish to White Powder
• Specification: Saponins NLT 20% and 50%   by Gravimetric


Shatavari Extract

Shatavari Extract helps the body to cope with physical and emotional stress. It is considered as a general health tonic to improve vitality, making it a staple in ayurvedic medicine.

• Botanical Name: Asparagus Racemosus
• Common Name: Satavar, Shatavari, or   Shatamull
• Appearance: Brown Powder
• Specification: Saponins NLT 20% and 60%   by Gravimetric


Amla Extract

Shatavari Extract helps the body to cope with physical and emotional stress. It is considered as a general health tonic to improve vitality, making it a staple in ayurvedic medicine.

• Botanical Name: Phyllanthus Emblica
• Common Name: Indian Gooseberry, Amla,  Avla
• Appearance: Brownish Powder
• Specification: Saponins NLT 30% and 40%   by Titration

harad extract

Harad Extract

Harad Extract is rich in vitamin C, iron, manganese, selenium, copper and helps in hair growth due to its rejuvenating property. Harad is used to cure various skin disorders associated with allergies and skin rash.

• Botanical Name: Terminalia chebula
• Common Name: Chebulic Myrobalan
• Appearance: Brownish Powder
• Specification: Saponins NLT 30% and 40%   by Titration


Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek Extract has benefits for lowering blood sugar levels, boosting testosterone, and increasing milk production in breastfeeding mothers. It is effective in reducing cholesterol levels and lower inflammation.

• Botanical Name: Trigonella
• Common Name: Fenugreek
• Appearance: Yellowish to Brown powder
• Specification: Saponins NLT 40% and 50%   by Gravimetric


Coriander Extract

Being rich in immune-boosting antioxidants, Coriander Extract has numerous health benefits. It protects the heart by lowering blood pressure and LDL (bad) cholesterol while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol.

• Botanical Name: Coriandrum Sativum
• Common Name: Chinese parsley, dhania,   or cilantro
• Appearance: Brown Powder
• Specification: 1:1 ratio


Garcinia Extract

Garcinia extract is effective in weight loss, exercise performance, joint pain, bloody diarrhea, increase bowel movements, etc. It contains high amounts of hydroxy citric acid (HCA), an active substance that has some weight loss properties.

• Botanical Name: Garcinia Cambogia
• Common Name: Brindle berry, Malabar   tamarind
• Appearance: Off white powder
• Specification: 60% by USP, 70% by   ChromaDex

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